Updated list of seedings

on Sun, 03/06/2016

Here's an updated list of what is available
for purchase right now:

Sugar Snap Peas (6)
Oregon Giant Snow Peas (10)
Burpeeana Early (9)
Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas (15)
Cascadia Snap Peas (6)
Oregon Sugar Pod (15)

Aton Basil (4)

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (12)
Contender Bush Beans (13)
Blue Lake Bush Beans (15)
Scarlet Runner Beans (14)
Royalty Purple Bush Beans (12)
Kitchen King Bush Beans (10)
Tenderette Bush Beans (8)

Little Gem Romaine Lettuce (~40)
Chinese Cabbage (6)
Buttercrunch Lettuce (14)
Baby Bok Choi (9)
Broccoli (5)
Lacinato Kale (5)
Red Kale (10)
Cabbage (5)





I am in zone 8B also, in washington and was wondering is you have ever tried geowing artichokes in this area?

I've grown seedlings for others who grow them. I tried last year, but didn't get anything, so I pulled it. I didn't realize that it's a plant that needs multiple years in order to produce. I only grew them because something else I bought came with the free seeds. 

I'm going to try again once I have more room for gardening. They take up a lot of room. If you're growing in a pot, it needs to be a very big one.

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