Initial counts: beans, peas, lettuce, bok choi

on Tue, 02/16/2016

peas.jpgI went through and did some initial counts on what is growing and has been separated out into individual pots. Since the seeds for things like lettuce are so tiny, I always end up with multiple plants in each pot. I've been going through and transplanting them to bigger pots, one plant per spot, so that they have more room to grow. However, I'm only about a third of the way through that process, so these numbers for greens will increase once I finish that work. Beans and peas are already one to a spot since their seeds are significantly larger and easy to separate.

I'll work on getting better numbers over the next few days, as we'll be setting up my shelves and I'll have more room to put all the transplanted seedlings.

I will also likely end up doing a third round of these. I had to stop previously because I ran out of seeds, hence some of the odd numbers you'll see listed. Plus I have the scarlet runner beans that are supposed to be here later this week and some Italian beans.

When it comes to peas and beans, I usually plant at least a dozen, if not more, in my garden as most don't take up a lot of space. I think last year I ended up with something like 25 pea plants in my garden, which produced peas for months, not to mention the beautiful flowers.

Spring already?

on Mon, 02/15/2016

Well, seeing as we've been having warmer than usual temps in our area, and the long-term forecast seems to show the same, local weather forecasters are saying that it looks like winter is indeed behind us. That means it is time to get your gardens ready for the first seedlings of the spring season! This can include carrots, onions, peas, beans, greens, herbs, broccoli, and more!

I already have a lot of these going and am working hard to get them transplanted to larger containers so they have even more room to grow. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a count of how many of each of the items I have growing. I've already started a second batch of peas and beans and picked up some more seeds at the store since I'd run out. I also ordered some scarlet runner beans, as I had a request for them. Apparently they are quite pretty when in bloom.

I already have dibs on many of the peas and beans and need to find out how many more people want them. This way I can ensure that I have enough growing. Thankfully I have very good luck with peas and beans (near 100% germination rates), so the key is to get enough growing so that they are ready in time.

So if you want peas, beans, greens (various lettuces, spinch, kale, broccoli, various cabbages), or herbs, you should let me know ASAP so that I have enough growing for everyone. I know that I do have a lot of the Little Gems growing, which are a nice sized Romaine Lettuce. One head is often times just the right size for a meal. These have been my favorite of all the Romaine varieties I've tried. I probably have at least a couple dozen of these going right now, maybe more. I've got to finish transplanting and separating them so I can get an accurate count. Most people grow at least several of these at a time since they don't need a lot of room.


Did some transplanting

on Sun, 02/14/2016

Well, I couldn't sleep last night, so I figured I'd use the time to transplant some of the bigger plants over to pots that were of a larger size. These ones are about 2.5x2.5, which is nearly double the space they had in the containers they were in. Not only that, but when it comes to greens I have a very hard time putting just one seed in each pot because the seeds are so tiny. As such, the baby choi and romaine lettuce I transplanted often times had 3-5 plants growing in a single slot. I carefully separated them and put each into its own pot, which will allow them to grow much faster. I try to be very careful, as this can damage the roots and kill the plants. Many people will just pinch off all but one of the plants, but I just can't bring myself to do that. Thankfully since I'm so careful I usually am able to save 90%+ of them, so it's well worth the time and effort to separate them.

2016-02-14-19.13.26.jpg 2016-02-14-19.13.jpg

It's been nearly 24 hours since I did the transplant and thus far they all seem to be doing fine. There are a few of them that were quite tiny and may not make it, but the vast majority of them have already perked back up and seem to be doing fine.

Want to pre-order seedlings (aka starts)

on Sun, 02/14/2016

transplanting-squash2.pngInterested in buying some seedlings for your garden? I'm currently doing pre-orders so that I can try to match what I am growing with the demand for certain items. Last year I had a lot of demand for certain items and ran out quickly, while other ones I ended up planting more than I had planned because there wasn't as much of a demand. Hopefully with pre-orders I can better match what people want. I can't guarantee that items will absolutely be available, though, as plants can die, I can get a bad batch of seeds, etc. However, I will do my best.

You can view the list of seeds I have here. If you're interested in putting in a pre-order, you can click here. The list should now include everything I will have for this year.

Click "Read more" below for more details.

Plants are doing well

on Sun, 02/07/2016

Well, thus far my seedlings are doing quite well. Got a lot of growth over this past weekend. Loving the new timer I got for the grow light, as now I don't have to remember to turn them on and off - it does that for me. Certainly helps ensure that the lights are on for the right amount of time. 

2016-02-07-23.08.jpg 2016-02-07-23.07.jpg


A lot of growth

on Fri, 02/05/2016

It's amazing sometimes with plants how much growth you can get in just a day or so. I've highlighted some growth here that happened just within a day. I circled the corresponding cells since I had to flip around the tray so that those with growth would be closest to the light. Clicking an image will bring up the full-sized original photo.

2016-02-04-06.08.jpg 2016-02-05-18.30.jpg


A big upgrade

on Fri, 02/05/2016

So this year I decided to put in a big upgrade to my seedling growing setup. I've been very successful ever since I added a nice big grow light over my seedlings. That led to a lot more extra seedlings, which meant a good amount of sales of my plants. Last year was a very good year, which meant some money left over after paying for all the expenses related to growing the plants. As such, I decided to put that towards an upgrade in my system.

2016-02-05-15.23.16.jpg 2016-01-31-16.47.jpg

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