Bought a new greenhouse

on Sun, 03/20/2016

So the shelf greenhouse I originally bought had some issues, such as the zipper being broken. Then I found out some of the pieces that snap together had cracks in them. As such, I took it back to the store to exchange it. They were out of what I wanted, but offere me the larger greenhouse at a discount. I didn't think that was going to be an option, but my complex was pretty cool about it and said I could indeed have it. So now I have a nice walk-in greenhouse available on my patio.

I plan on having this up for about a month until we get through these temperature fluctuations that we have in early spring. For instance, a couple days ago there was ice on the cars and the bird bath was frozen. Yesterday it was in the mid 60s outside and sunny. Today it's in the low 50s and rainy. The greenhouse will help protect the little seedlings until they're ready to go into the ground.

I put it together myself, which is quite a feat since I'm in a back brace. Just goes to show how easy it goes together. Then our 13 year-old came out and helped me move it into place, put the cover on it, put in the shelves, and bring in the plants. It looks really nice on the patio. Now everything seems so much neater than it did when I had trays of seedlings sitting everywhere.

Its doing it's job, too - today it is cool outside, but inside the greenhouse it's nice and warm. Of course the slugs have found their way in, leaving trails on the sides of the greenhouse. I'll be sure to put in some organic slug bait soon.

2016-03-19-12.26.png 2016-03-19-12.26a.png 2016-03-20-08.55.png 2016-03-20-08.56.png

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