Come pick up some plants!

on Wed, 07/19/2017

With the odd weather we've had this year, folks are running behind in getting their gardens together. Are you like that? Need more plants for your garden? We have hundreds of organically raised seedlings and plants ready to go in your garden. 

Plants were grown in organic soil and treated with organic food, like fish fertilizer. Most are in 4" pots, but some are in smaller peat pots or seedling cells.

So what's available?

We have a wide variety of plants, including:

  • Tomatoes - heirloom, hybrids, cherry, slicing, and sauce
  • Peppers - sweet bells and hot peppers
  • Beans - pole, bush, fresh, and dry
  • Greens - lettuce and kale, including some varieties for hot weather
  • Cabbage and broccoli
  • Squash - zucchini, summer, winter
  • Pumpkins - small, medium, large, decorative
  • Small amount of herbs

Hoping to get these out from around my garden within the next week and into your garden!

Discount available for those who buy $40+ worth of plants. Buy $100+ and delivery may be available.

Please bring your own containers for carrying plants - tray prices more than doubled this year and I cannot afford at these prices to give them away with plant sales.

Email us or message us on Facebook to set up a day/time to come by and buy some plants. Cash is preferred, but we can also take card payments via Square Cash (you'll need a smart phone and access to email in order to get the request).

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