New additions...

on Mon, 02/27/2017

Ordered several new seeds today, so soon I'll have some new items to add to the inventory. Also ordered two different kinds of strawberry roots, so I'll be able to sell strawberry plants this year as well. One I've grown before and it is VERY prolific - it was still growing strawberries when it snowed here in November. The other grows very large, tasty berries. I'm looking forward to trying that one out.

Click read more below to see photos and descriptions of the tomatoes, eggplant, strawberries, greens, and more that we'll be adding to the site.


Seeds updated and store open!

on Tue, 01/03/2017

I've updated the listing of seeds that are available thus far for this year. I will be purchasing more seeds soon, which means additional plants will be available. I also plan on buying at least one pack of strawberry bare roots, which means I'll have strawberry plants available this year as well.

I just updated the store, so you can also do pre-orders through there. So if you're interested in doing a pre-order, you can use the shop, comment on this post (or the seeds one) or contact me to put in an order. If you do a large order (50+ plants), then I will do a special price for you.

My seeds - updated February 13, 2017

on Tue, 01/03/2017

2016-01-22-16.07.jpgI've gone through and updated my list of seeds that I have as of now. I've also been going through seed catalogs to look at some ideas of new things I may be able to grow this year. I'll be adding to the list below as I purchase more seeds.

I will once again be taking pre-orders, as this will help me to better plan what to grow for myself as well as what to grow for others. I typically sell them for $2-3/plant, which covers the cost of the seeds, organic soil, pots, grow light, etc. and come in a pot that is approximately 3.5" x 3.5". Plants of this size are usually $4-5 at the store and are not grown organically.

If you're interesting in purchasing some seedlings, you can visit my online shop, comment below or you can use the contact page to get a hold of me. Seedlings are usually ready March-April, depending on the type. I'll be starting seedlings in mid-January and will be continually growing through March, as different types have different lengths of time it takes to grow the seeds. 

Click the "read more" link for a chart of what I have thus far. (02-13-17, 7 pm).


Organizing Seeds

on Tue, 04/19/2016

Organizing your seeds can be a hard thing for some people. It's fine when you have a few packets, but what do you do when you have dozens? I wasn't sure, so I ended up diving them by type (tomato, squash, herbs, flowers, etc) and putting them in big envelopes. Inside each one is a ziplock for the open packets. I have the type written on the front of each envelope and I keep them in a container I bought at the dollar store. This makes it easy for me to flip through and find what I am looking for.


I also found this interesting way of doing it on the Frugal Mama & The Sprout blog. It uses a binder and photo pages to organize everything. This allows you to also add layouts of where everything is planted and then have the photo pages after it to hold each of the packets of seeds. I'm thinking of trying this next year.

Image courtesy of Frugal Mama & The Sprout

On the Montana Homesteader, they use an old photo album to hold everything together, including plans.


Reformation Acres has a whole bunch of ideas, including tic tac boxes and filing envelopes.

Thrifty Fun has even more ideas, including photo pocket pages and coupon organizers. 

Planted more seeds

on Thu, 03/10/2016

Well, with the exception of cucumbers I think I'm just about done planting seeds for this season. I've done a few batches of peppers, tomatoes, squash, and eggplant, which should be enough to meet my needs and have plenty left over to sell. Every year I am too early with my cucumbers, which means my first batch dies because it is too cold outside when I move them outdoors. So this year I am purposefully waiting a few extra weeks before I start the seeds. Since I don't have any room inside for them, I can't be tempted to start them yet. I have a bunch more peas, beans, greens, and herbs to move outside, and once I do that I'll have room for the cucumbers. 

Here's some photos of my tomatoes and squash:

IMG_0361.png IMG_0372.png IMG_0362.png IMG_0374.png

Full seed listing

on Tue, 02/16/2016

Ok, the entire list of seeds available for growing this year is now online. Not only did I find the stash of seeds I bought late last year when they were on clearance, but I have some from Gurney's that are on the way. I added them to the database and now they're in my list online. Unless I find something I really want somewhere, this should be the final list of what I have available for this year.

You can view the entire list here.



on Mon, 03/02/2015

So today my first artichoke popped up. I've never grown these before - never even cooked one. But I do love eating them. I hadn't even planned to grow any, except that I got a free packet of seeds from the place I ordered my Asian Fingers Eggplant from. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grow something new, so I decided to give the seeds one set of 6 pods to try growing it.

Seeds arrived!

on Sat, 02/28/2015

I had a hard time finding some of the seeds I wanted in the store, so I decided to look online. I ended up not only buying the plant I really wanted - Asian Fingers Eggplant - but also some flowers as well. I haven't done flowers from seeds in many, many years and even back then it was marigolds. And anyone who's had those knows it's super easy - just pinch the dried flower, pull everything out, and spread the seeds. 


Planting seeds

on Mon, 02/23/2015

So now that I have everything I need, it's time to start planting seeds.

I start by filling all of the trays with seedling dirt. I don't pack the soil in hard, as I want the roots to have room to move and grow. But I do gently push down on it to ensure I didn't leave any big air pockets.

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